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Apologies, for not writing for long. My last post came almost a month ago, when I quit my job at OSSCube to move on to bigger and better things.

So what am I upto lately? Certainly a lot of photography, spending time with family and friends, participatign at community events, lot of reading and loads of gaming.

To be able to develop games, you have to play games too. While the whole team is sort of getting ready to pull stuff together, and we freezing all the projects that shall be executed in the next 6 months, and I keep scribbling on design documents, scracthing features and gameplay elements or adding a ones or twos someplace else, we are also playing games. Counter Strike, Battlefield Play4Free, Frozen Synapse, Darkspore, Sims 3 Medieval, Crysis2, NFS Shift 2 Unleashed, amongst many others and a lot of crazy old classics as well, esp XBill.

Right now, these days, I am doing two things primarily. One is a little sound project for a cute little IPad game. Shush now, I cant tell you more about it, other than the fact that this is probably the first game hitting the stands with my name on it.

The other project is a very interesting project me and a couple other friends, together, are doing - building a game from the ground up. Based on Indian mythology, this game is an action adventure and is shaping up real good. I spend a lot of time playtesting it these days, and soon the team will be running the publisher mills. This project makes me dream now, it will be insane when it comes out. Sadly, I cannot share anymore details on it as well.

On a different note, I precisely know what I will be working on the next 6 months and have some realistic deadlines defined for me and the rest of the team. So, only exciting times ahead. Oh yes, I also need to figure out a revenue model. Alas, so much for good times.

Mark my word, friends, settiing up a business is easy and doing tech innovations easy, but finding a revenue model and a sustainable one at that too is tough. If you dont trust me, ask the guys at Twitter. Enough said.

As a last treat for the closing of this post, I am sharing a fan video I made for Bioshock Infinite, compiling the premier trailer with the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemesy from the Inception Soundtrack. The result is astounding, though my video editing skills are horrible. Have fun.

PS: Lately, some product information has been posted on my blog, it is not spam but just items of my wishlist. Right now the descriptions are generic, since I am hard pressed for time. Over time, it will end up being the description of why the product joins my wishlist. Oh and yes, the wishlist is built for your use. Use it, send me your love with the gifts.

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